Training and consultancy

We have a team of experienced and qualified trainers with over fifteen years experience of providing survivor-led training and consultancy for professionals, organisations, survivors and the general public.

jpeg(4)We provide a range of consultancy and bespoke training for organisations and professionals on developing and delivering survivor-sensitive and trauma-informed services.


Our courses include ‘Helping without hurting’; ‘Abuse – exploding the myths’; ‘Conducting Research with Trauma Survivors’; ‘Counselling Survivors of Abuse’; ‘Survivor led training for GP’s’; Adult and Child Safeguarding from a survivor perspective, Survivor Engagement in services and projects, Peer Research.


For  survivors we run a unique course on how to set up and facilitate survivor peer support groups based on our enlightened self-help model. We will also be developing courses to empower survivors with the latest knowledge about the impact of trauma on your nervous system and the different approaches to healing.


We offer quality assured group and e-learning courses for professionals and survivors through our learning centre We Learn We Change, UK Registered Learning Provider no.10028657 .

 Please contact us with your training needs and we will provide a tailored assessment and training / consultancy proposal.