Survivor Activists and allies all over the world get involved in LOUDfence, in solidarity with child abuse victims. A Loudfence involves tying LOUD (bright coloured) ribbons and messages of support in public spaces to show support to ALL victims & survivors of child abuse. The aim is to give survivors a voice, create awareness in the community and work to end child abuse.

Ending Clergy Abuse activist Antonia Sobocki ran the first UK LOUDfence in Cumbria on November 3rd 2020, All Survivors Day. Survivors Voices has teemed up with Antonia and other activists and allies to support the spread of LOUDfence right across the UK. We want all survivors and victims to know that we BELIEVE you, we CARE for you and we will not let this happen again. THERE HAS BEEN TOO MUCH SILENCE!

LOUDfence is a visible display of support and solidarity with those affected by abuse. The ribbons tied to each fence
represent the voices of those who wish to speak out in support and defence of those affected by abuse. We want all survivors and victims of abuse to know that we believe you, we will hear and support you and we will do all we can to prevent this happening again. Everyone is invited to join in by tying a ribbon, pausing to reflect, offering a prayer and making a resolution, to #SmashTheSilence and #EndAbuseNow.

We launched our LOUDfences in the North, South and East of England in October 2021, as part of a Safeguarding Season of survivor-led activities ending on December 10th, Human Rights Day and #PurpleWinter. This year we’ve added the Southwest and Central England too. But you can run a LOUDfence anywhere, any time. We hope you will join us!

Get involved by:

  • organising or joining a LOUDfence near you – see our interactive map below as we add LOUDfence venues
  • helping us to spread the word through local news, social media, amongst your friends, family and colleagues
  • donating your time, money or practical resources like ribbons
  • sending us messages of support to add to our LOUDfences
  • helping us to create works of art with the ribbons after a LOUDfence has been held
  • getting involved with support such as updating this website and creating other LOUDfence resources

Virtual Ribbons

Can’t get to a LOUDfence? Just contact us and we’ll add a ribbon to one of our LOUDfences on your behalf. We can add a short message if you like – your words of support to survivors, or commitment to end abuse.


Rochester Cathedral with the Diocese of Rochester launched our first national LOUDfence  in October 2021 as part of a Safeguarding Season running to All Survivors’ Day on 3rd November. They were joined by local parishes like St Mary’s Gravesend who ran their own LOUDfence. Full details including links to resources here. They are running a LOUDFence again in 2022 from November 8th-28th.


Carlisle Cathedral and Diocese are also hosted their second LOUDfence this year, as part of their Safeguarding Season, from October to November 3rd 2022. Join them for a time of prayer, reflection, worship and solidarity with those affected by abuse. Full details here


St Philip’s Cathedral, Birmingham hosted their first LOUDfence this year from October3-9th, working with the diocese and local ecumenical partners. The virtual ribbons were a popular way for people who were unable to visit the cathedral, to join in.


Ely cathedral and diocese launch their first LOUDfence on 14th November, as part of a Season of Safeguarding (full details here). Survivors Voices joins other organisations to run a stall at the launch, and will be leading a seminar on how to ensure survivors are safe, seen and supported on Wednesday 16th.

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We’ll add LOUDfence places & dates to this interactive map as we hear about them. If you organise a LOUDfence please let us know.

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