PCR2 round table

PCR2 round table
A shared space for survivors and friends to share responses to PCR2.
Perhaps, like us, you have been processing the information in the Church of England PCR2 reports (national and local) and wondering how to respond.  The voices of survivors were not strongly represented in the report (only 65 contributed). We want to ensure they are central to its impact and implementation.
We invite you to join us for a facilitated virtual space to share our reactions and co-create a shared response from survivors (and friends). It will be a confidential space and we will agree together the key points of a draft response, which will be circulated on Thursday morning for any factual corrections and approval, before being shared publicly and emailed to the Church of England leaders and the National Safeguarding Team.
We anticipate this will be the first of other shared responses; Survivors Voices are committed to holding a further shared space after the publication of the IICSA report. We wanted to have this early opportunity to respond before IICSA is published and attention moves from PCR2.
We will adopt Survivors Voices tried and tested safety guidelines:
If you wish to attend, please contact us to confirm your identity, and that you are happy with the guidelines. We will then send you the zoom link.
Warmest wishes, Jane Chevous and Andrew Graystone