Generating a Case for Long term Therapy for Survivors

An enthusiastic psychologist/student/ person, with great research skills and a bit of time available, is needed to assist me in finding published papers on the cost to society of not providing long term trauma informed therapy for adults who have been abused in childhood. You will need to be available between March and September 2024 and can access published research papers from relevant organisations including possible Freedom of Information requests.

I have written to my local NHS Integrated Commissioning Board (ICB) and asked them to consider offering a Personal Health Budget (PHB) under the category of ‘other groups’. A PHB is money given by the NHS towards the needs of an individual if they have a long-term condition and been assessed as needing the following:

  • NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC)
  • A Wheelchair
  • Have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act (except s2) and entitled to s117 aftercare

If a person doesn’t fit any of the above, they can approach their local ICB and ask for a PHB for their needs under ‘other groups’. More details about PHBs can be found at

Very few adult survivors will meet the criteria under CHC, some will fall within Mental Health, but I believe many more adult survivors of childhood abuse meet the ‘other groups’ criteria. This is currently very unlikely to be offered and the majority of people are missing out on long term trauma informed therapy because their needs go unnoticed and/or misunderstood. I am of the view that adult survivors have a right to long term trauma informed therapy which is ‘free on the point of delivery’.

After significant encouragement the Commissioner agreed to consider evidence that may assist him to write a business case, possibly involving some other statutory groups, as mentioned above. If successful it could provide an opportunity to encourage other ICB’s across the country to offer a PHB and provide adult survivors of childhood abuse the option of much needed long-term therapy from trauma informed therapists.

So, I need published research papers and/or outcomes of pilot projects that can provide evidence on the impact (cost) to the public purse eg the NHS, Social Care, Employers, DWP, the Justice System etc. The benefit for you is the experience of working on a unique project and be part of something a little different.

If you are interested in assisting me with this exciting and challenging task, would like to know more about it or would like to share some knowledge regarding the information I need, please email me

With thanks
Tricia Wennell