Poster with artwork from card deck of a woman's head and text with details of the exhibition


Towards Recognition of Abuse, Understanding and Mutuality through Arts

T.R.A.U.M.A. builds on our earlier research in Safe, Seen, Supported which found that a better understanding of abuse – how to recognise it, talk about it, and respond to it – is vital. In T.R.A.U.M.A. we formed an Arts Collective to safely explore these issues. Together, we created an arts-based card deck and hosted an exhibition aimed at building awareness, facilitating conversations around abuse, and animating public debate. T.R.A.U.M.A was led by an interdisciplinary survivor-only team, in partnership with Angie Sweeney (Service User Research Enterprise (SURE) and Laura Fischer (Traumascapes), with funding from VAMHN.

TRAUMA Exhibition Feedback

TRAUMA Exhibition Feedback

Thank you for attending our T.R.A.U.M.A exhibition. Our card deck and the artworks based on them, are designed to facilitate conversations that raise awareness and recognition of abuse.
We would love to have your feedback about your responses to the artworks, and thoughts about using the card deck. We will use these to support the safe use of the cards, and future work on this project.
All the questions are voluntary. There is an option to give your name and email, so we can add you to our mailing list.

Do you think the artwork will help to raise awareness and recognition of child abuse?
If you would like us to stay in touch, please provide your name and email below
If you would like us to stay in touch, please provide your name and email below