Survivor Researchers

A Warm Welcome

These web pages, and the Peer Support Network, is for abuse-survivors who are also researchers or involved in research. 

You may publicly identify as an abuse survivor, or that may be a private part of your identity: you are welcome here.

You may be researching abuse or sexual violence: you are welcome here.

You may be planning to start a research project: you are welcome here.

You may be planning to (or already be) working in research around a different topic and yet your personal history of abuse means being part of this community would help you: you are welcome here.

You may be an experienced researcher in an academic post, an early career or independent researcher, a student completing your Masters or PHD, or a member of a lived experience advisory group (or similar role): you are welcome here.

This web-page offers information on good practice for abuse-survivor-researchers and for the inclusion of abuse-survivors in research. Survivors might be the main study lead, a co-producer, or a participant….whatever the role, this page offers guidance and information to improve the way we work. 

All of the information has been generated by abuse-survivors. Predominantly the content has emerged from discussions in the peer support network (see below). As meeting pass the content below is updated with new information, links and references. 

It is important to note the multiple use of the term ‘survivor’ in the worlds of abuse and mental health. In some circles ‘survivor’ is an identity adopted by people damaged by the services they turned to for help. This network is for abuse-survivors who may also be survivors of the mental-health psy services (psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy). This delineation is not exclude anyone, but to make the content and support relevant and focussed on the specific issues of being an abuse-survivor researcher. People who identify predominantly as survivors of the mental health service and as mental health service users may be interested in the work of the and Survivor Researcher Network

The Abuse-survivor Researcher Network.

 We meet once a month at lunch times for one hour on zoom. The link is circulated to those on the contacts list who have expressed an interest. We check in, share what we are researching, where we are up to in the process and in ourselves, and then discuss a pre-chosen topic or have a speaker. 

2023 Dates: 

Wednesday Feb 22nd    

Tuesday March 21st       

Wednesday April 19th   

Wednesday May 17th

Tuesday June 13

Tuesday July 11th

Tuesday September 12th 

Wednesday October 11th

Tuesday November 14th 

Wednesday December 13th

Click on any of the following links for notes from our Community discussions. These are working documents that we update whenever new information becomes available, or from our gatherings. If you have anything to add please contact Susanna

Who Are We?

Self Care

Difficult Edges

Good Practice for Survivor Involvement

Getting Started

Guest Speaker: Khadjia Rouf

Abuse Survivor Researcher Network