Become a Research Participant

Survivors’ Voices has vetted the projects included here; these studies are looking for participants to interview in person and/or on zoom about their study topic. Would you like to offer your experience and views as a form of activism and a contribution to changing the landscape for other survivors?

Please click on one of the studies below to find out more about it.

Study 1:

Neurodiverse Childhood Sexual Abuse survivors’ experiences of accessing support services

Study 2:

Life narratives: older adults sexually abused as children

Study 3:

How women view unwanted sexual experiences and the impact of their beliefs on sexual violence

Study 4:

Clare’s Law: Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme

Study 5:

Survivors’ experiences of online facilitated child sex abuse

Study 6:

STRIVE: South Asian Trauma Research on Intimate Violence and Empowerment

Study 7:

The Semantic Study: Terminology used to describe lived experience of violence, abuse and trauma

Study 8:

Survivors of childhood trauma – experiences of motherhood