Survivor Involvement Ladder

The Survivor Involvement in Research Ladder is a new tool that has been produced by Survivors’ Voices in collaboration with Simone Kennedy, as part of her MSc in Public Health degree at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

The Ladder is designed to measure and evaluate the quality of survivor involvement in research about survivors. Inspired by the work of Sherry Arnstein and Roger Hart, it builds on the work of our survivor-created Charter for survivor engagement, From Pain to Power. For a copy of the Charter, please see our Charter page.

The Ladder is currently in its pilot phase and we are gathering feedback to evaluate and maximise the Ladder’s effectiveness in creating research that is genuinely co-produced with people who have experienced¬† abuse. A peer-reviewed article evaluating the tool as a measurement of survivor involvement in research will be published shortly.

Use of the Ladder

We are offering the Ladder as a free download during this pilot phase because we want it to make a difference – to help make improve the quality and impact of research that is co-produced with survivors . To download the Ladder, please complete the form below which will take less than a minute of your time. You will then be taken to the download page, where we request your details so we can contact you for feedback as part of the pilot.

We offer the Ladder as a tool to improve involvement. We look forward to hearing how you use it.

Helping us pilot the Ladder

We are asking for permission to contact everyone who downloads it so we can seek your feedback on what was effective about the Ladder and how we can further improve it.  How did it inform your thinking and your own individual or your organisation’s practice?

If you are a survivor and don’t feel safe giving us your email, you can still download the Ladder. Please use the Contact form on this website to send us your thoughts anonymously.

If you know someone outside of your team who would like a copy, please do not forward the Ladder directly; instead please send them to this page ( so they can download the Ladder from here and we can contact them too. Please do adhere to the Creative Commons licence at the bottom of the Ladder and thank you for spreading the word!

Questions marked with a * are required. All answers will be held confidentially, according to our privacy policy.  We may quote your answer in our research reporting, but we will not publish with identifying information unless you give us express permission. (Please note, the Captcha at the bottom of the form, that stops us getting lots of spam, can sometimes be tricky on a mobile. We have no control over the pictures it chooses. If after trying a few times you find yourself unable to get to the download page, please try on a PC or send us a message).

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