Linking Service

If you are working on a research study and are seeking researchers to co-produce the project, be part of a Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) or are looking for participants to interview, our new Linking Service is available now.

Survivors’ Voices have a list of over 300 abuse survivors some of whom may wish to participate in your study.

If you choose to engage in the Linking Service Survivors’ Voices will wish to check that your project offers participant safety and good and ethical survivor participation. Most of these requirements will most probably have been covered in Ethics.

Survivors’ Voices asks you to confirm these criteria are embedded in your study:

  1. You have read and commit to adhere to the Survivor’s Voices Charter for good survivor involvement (
  2. The study has engaged in co-production to the extent that this has been possible: people with lived experience have, at a minimum, been consulted regarding study design, or participant participation. More elaborate co-production is encouraged. 
  3. The study design includes pre and post support for participants (as individually required); the researcher should discuss with potential participants who they will contact in the event of the need for post-interview debriefing and/or support. This might be with the researcher, a known mental health worker, a GP, or a peer support network. The researcher must send a follow up email/call to check if support is wanted by the participant, and if it is being taken up. The wishes of the participant are paramount, and agency should rest with the participant.
  4. A list of support lines and/or agencies is also beneficial and we would recommend including this, but all links and numbers must have been checked to ensure services are available in a timely manner should a survivor reach out for support in this way. The Survivors’ Voices peer support network should not be the only post-interview support available, but can be included in the list.
  5. An indication/example of how you would respond to people you decided not to include in your study.

The Linking Service offers the following: 

  1. A space on the website to upload participant information sheets (see here) which include
    a. Who you are, your role, institution, experience in conducting research.
    b. The aims of the study. 
    c. Who you wish to recruit (participant criteria).
  2. Mail out to the current list of potential participants, including your participant information forms and recruitment letter. This is also tweeted and Facebook listed.
  3. Offer peer support groups to participants who wish to engage during their period in the study. 

We make a small charge for the Linking Service to cover staff, website and admin costs: if your project is funded we would ask for a £100 fee. If your project is unfunded we can discuss an appropriate sum for the linking service. 

If you have further questions please email Susanna Alyce.