Our values

Survivors Voices has always been a survivor-led organisation. We recognise the shared perspective of anyone who has experienced abuse, trauma or violence as a child or an adult and the power of sharing stories with those who understand. We call this enlightened self-help and our passion is to see this available for all survivors who want it.

We believe that survivors are experts in their own healing and as such their stories and perspectives need inform policy and practice in response to abuse, trauma and violence. We have felt the empowerment of being heard, finding the help you need and enabling things to be better for those that come after you.

We have needed the strength, wisdom and love of those that support us, whether family, friends or professionals and recognise that often our pain is their pain. So Survivors Voices has always involved supporters and offered support, resources and training for families, friends and professionals.

Our Values

  • We trust the wisdom of each individual on their journey of recovery, healing and development
  • We can all offer and benefit from mutual support especially with others who share similar experiences
  • We are committed to the inclusion of all, in all our diversity (e.g. gender, age, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, experience, culture, all faiths or none)
  • We will promote a safe space based on a culture of tolerance, mutual respect and co-operation
  • We recognise spirituality and faith as a source of justice, strength and healing for many
  • We seek to remove barriers that divide people and we encourage everyone to participate as much as they want to.

Our Core Principles

  • We recognise both structural and individual oppression affecting different groups in society and will take steps to address inequality and adopt anti-oppressive practices in our work and organisational life
  • We will strive to develop and maintain an organisational culture based on consultation, empowerment and listening
  • We believe that accountability for the use of power is paramount and that the abuse of power is the heart of all abuses. As such we will ensure that systems of accountability and feedback are developed, communicated transparently and maintained
  • We will strive to develop a culture of openness, learning and fun where it is okay to make mistakes and where the weakness and frailty of our humanity can be acknowledged.

Safe Practice

  • We aim to be safe in everything we do and to put things right when we get it wrong. Our Safeguarding Policy can be found here.
  • Our Complaints Policy can be found here.
  • More information about our organisation and our full set of policies can be found here.