Paid Role on a Lived Experience Advisory Panel 

Susanna and William are researchers working at Bristol University and we recently received funding to conduct a research study investigating Online Facilitated Child Sexual Abuse (OF-CSA).  
Susanna is a survivor of CSA and William worked at IICSA and both have experience working with other survivors of CSA but we do not have experience of Online Facilitated CSA.  
Therefore, we are seeking four people who identify as a survivor of online-facilitated child sexual abuse. This might include those who:   

o    were sexually abused as a child online; 
o    were recruited online and sexually abused offline; 
o    Had images taken that were uploaded online; 
o    Other forms of child sexual abuse that you consider to have an online element. 
In order to take part,  the abuse must have occurred before you were 18. To apply you have to be over 18 years old but there is no upper age limit – it does not matter when the abuse took place.  
The four people will form a Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) for the study and the six of us will meet both online and in person at staged points during the study. You will be paid for your time at £25 a hour, the cost of travel (and accommodation if needed) for in-person meetings in Bristol will be funded.  
We seek your experience in shaping how we recruit 30 participants to interview, advice during the analysis of the data gathered, and (if you wish) to attend two group meetings for up to ten people where we will creatively produce the outputs from the study for educational purposes. No skills or experience are necessary for these tasks other than your lived experience of OF-CSA.  
We anticipate three LEAP meetings, and (if you wish) the two workshops so a total of no more than 10 hours work.  
To apply please send a paragraph about yourself to Susanna at We do not need you to tell us about the abuse you suffered, unless you want to, but we would like to have confirmation that you see yourself as having experienced online sexual abuse as a child, and are now over 18 years of age. If there is anything else you want to share about yourself, your interest in this study, or other experience that you feel relevant, please feel free, but do not feel under any obligation to do so.