The Healing Maze


Living with the after effects of abuse can be confusing enough. When faced with the need to find help to heal, the different approaches to counseling and therapy can add to this confusion. From Gestalt to integrative therapy, psychodynamic to humanist, sensorimotor to attachment therapy, somatic to trauma-focussed,  dramatherapy to Internal Family Systems, EMDR to MBT, DBT and CBT! Negotiating the world of therapy and recovery can be baffling to say the least…


Knowledge is power and often survivors seek help without knowing that there are a huge variety of approaches to therapy and that some may suit them better than others. Getting a good ‘fit’ with a therapist and therapy approach is critical to the task of recovering. Getting a wrong fit can set people back and undermine hope in recovery.


The Healing Maze was created to provide a simple summary of the myriad of approaches to therapy and ‘healing’ in order to help people navigate this confusing ‘maze’.  Orginally produced as an exhibition for a festival, The Healing Maze was so popular with both survivors and professionals (and survivors who are also professionals!) that is was turned into print form and sold as an in-house publication.


We are now updating The Healing Maze to include a plain English summary of research evidence for each approach to therapy / healing and Survivor Reviews by survivors who have experienced a particular method or approach. We are also going to expand the Healing Maze to include Survivor Reviews of books, online resources and courses, ‘alternative’ approaches and  other products that may be  useful in the healing journey. The Healing Maze will also provide essential guidelines on finding a therapist and the questions to ask when approaching an individual or organisation to make sure they are accountable, safe and have the expertise to help you.


The research phase and updating will take us some time and funding so please bear with us.  In the meantime, please get in touch if  you are interested in :



joining our pool of Survivor Reviewers of therapy approaches / books / alternative’s  etc. (online anonymity guaranteed) 



supporting this exciting project with funding, whether as an individual or a corporate /  funding body. Your support is needed to fund the research and development of this much needed resource.