LOUDfence is a visible display of support and solidarity with those affected by abuse. The ribbons tied to each fence represent the voices of those who wish to speak out in support and defence of those affected by abuse.

“We want all survivors and victims of abuse to know that we believe you, we will hear and support you and we will do all we can to prevent this happening again. People are invited to join in by tying a ribbon, pausing to reflect, offering a prayer and making a resolution in solidarity with survivors,” explains Survivors Voices and End Church Abuse activist Antonia Sobocki, who brought the first LOUDfence to the UK in 2020, at the parish of Kirkbampton, Cumbria..

Survivors Voices have teemed up with Rochester Cathedral and Diocese, and Carlisle Cathedral and Diocese, to launch a national LOUDfence campaign in 2021. From Safeguarding Sunday on October 10th to All Survivors Day on November 3rd, we invite you to visit the cathedrals to tie a ribbon and perhaps your own message of support. There will also be times of worship and reflection, and information about support, at both cathedrals as part of their Safeguarding Seasons.

Survivors and allies are invited to join Survivors Voices in Rochester on November 3rd, for a reflection on what the Loudfence and the season has meant, and to explore holding further local survivor gatherings in the future. Ministers and anyone else interested are welcome to join us in Rochester on October 22nd, when we’ll be running a seminar on a Theology for Safeguarding, led by David Atkinson and Jane Chevous.

Full details of all activities and ways to join in are on our LOUDfence page here.

Virtual Ribbon

If you can’t join us at Rochester or Carlisle, you can still take part by asking us to tie a ribbon for you at one of our LOUDFences, perhaps with a personal message of support or commitment to #EndAbuseNow.

Church with ribbons on Loudfence


All you need to run your own LOUDfence is a passion for justice, a commitment to support survivors and a box of ribbons! Download our free pack here.

We want all survivors to know we believe you, we hear you and we support you

Antonia Sobocki